Columban International Youth Encounter Columban International Youth Encounter

On 16 January 2021 we hosted our first online Columban International Youth Encounter which gathered 24 young people and seven young Columban missionaries and co-workers from six different Columban mission areas.

Hope for Peace Hope for Peace

As I look upon the faces of people in countries suffering from conflict or war, I ask myself, "Why do we inflict such fear and pain on each other? What do we gain from this?"

Celebrating the Gift of Faith Celebrating the Gift of Faith

On August 3, 2021, the historic move of reconciliation between the Roman Catholic Church and the Philippine Independent Church, also known as Iglesia Filipina Independiente, happened.

Determination and Discernment Determination and Discernment

Dreaming to become a priest at that time without considering all the factors at play was foolish and ambitious. I can still remember my father’s desperate voice, telling me, “I cannot afford to send you to the seminary.” We had a small farm planted with sweet potato, ube, corn, cassava, taro and banana that only provides us little income.

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