Prayer Service for Peace Prayer Service for Peace

A prayer service was attended by the Columban Missionaries – priests, lay and students – in the Philippines, Myanmar and Ireland.

Faith and Gratitude Faith and Gratitude

"It is hard to imagine how my life would be without the missionaries who came into the country. I am grateful because I am now harvesting the fruits of their labor. "

Love Will See Us Through Love Will See Us Through

As the weeks and months passed by, I found myself asking the universe when I can see my husband and daughter, and hug my twin boys again. It was a painfully sad time.

The Day I Met Her The Day I Met Her

Perhaps that was the scenario when the lepers were asking Jesus to heal them. They must have been in pain, crying for help like her. And perhaps the only free medication for them is to turn to Jesus with faith.

Meet a Columban - Fr Vincent Busch SSC Meet a Columban - Fr Vincent Busch SSC

In this episode of "Meet a Columban", Columban Fr Jim Mulroney speaks with Columban Fr Vincent Busch who has been a missionary in the Philippines since 1974. He currently works with the Subanen people of Mindanao, Philippines.

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