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A Survival Kit for Life A Survival Kit for Life

During my time of fear, I realized that people around me helped me from the culture of fear to the culture of care…


Throughout the years of my stay at the border, I have felt overwhelmed and saddened by the increasing reports and tragic experiences of migrants and their children. Stories about family separation are common.

A Story of Joy and Blessing A Story of  Joy and Blessing

A few months ago, I had this strange experience of having my hands washed by an old lady in the village. She grabbed my hands and started washing them. I tried to stop her but in the end, I surrendered to the moment.

Hope for Peace Hope for Peace

As I look upon the faces of people in countries suffering from conflict or war, I ask myself, "Why do we inflict such fear and pain on each other? What do we gain from this?"

PANDEMIC: Finding Positives PANDEMIC: Finding Positives

People often share about how this pandemic affected us in a negative way. I wonder if we ever considered how it can have a transforming effect in our lives too.

Feel at Home Feel at Home

“Feel at home” is what the priests always say to me. They told me to let them know of anything I need without feeling that I am demanding, especially if it is related to my safety and security.

A Woman of Faith A Woman of Faith

It was during my stay with Nanay Andring’s family that I became fluent with the Visayan language and learned more about the Filipino culture.

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