A Grandfather’s Legacy By Fr. Chris Saenz A Grandfather’s Legacy  By Fr. Chris Saenz

My grandfather, at the risk of being fired and breaking city regulations, had driven off his bus route and drove several blocks on the side streets to deliver Billy into the arms of his mother. It was reminiscent to Jesus healing the crippled man on a Sabbath (Matthew 12: 10-15), a violation of the Sabbath laws. Like Jesus, my grandfather believed compassion should not be limited by law.

The Horrific Disaster in Dalama The Horrific Disaster in Dalama

The residents of the village of Dalama awoke as usual on the morning of Friday, December 22, 2017. They did not know that in a few hours, their lives would be changed forever. The heavy rains brought by the typhoon “Vinta” caused a flash flood, the river overflowed its banks, huge boulders, trees and mud flowed down the mountainside and destroyed everything in its path.

The Columbans and the student leaders they molded The Columbans and the student leaders they molded

But we remember the Columbans most fondly for their work with students. They had a special knack for identifying those with great potential for leadership and held their hands and hearts in their formative years. The Columbans modeled the virtues of servant-leadership.... By Milwida M. Guevara published on December 12, 2017, Manila Bulletin.

Walking with Creation Walking with Creation

The day before September 1 I found myself with some volunteers installing tents in Burnham Green, Luneta Park, Ermita, Manila for an event that would take place the following day at the crack of dawn. The weather forecast was not promising. Because we were near the coast, the wind was very strong and we had to find sacks of sand to support the four corners of the tents as well as a piece of knot to tie the tents to the ground to withstand the force of the wind. The sky was clear and one could see stars, as good enough signs that promised a dry day after days of torrential rain.

Human Love of Creation Human Love of Creation

Fr John Leydon is Vice-Director of the Missionary Society of St Columban in Philippine Region. He has been part of the team in Our Lady of Remedies Parish, Malate, Manila, for many years, some of them as parish priest. He has been involved with the Center for Ecozoic Living and Learning (CELL) in Silang, Cavite and was one of those who established it in 1998. Fr John is a member of the steering committee of Global Catholic Climate Movement, became one of the co-convenors of GCCM for the Philippines and currently its chairperson. The idea of GCCM came in 2014 and in June 2016, GCCM-Pilipinas was established.

Seeing What is Right in Front of Us Seeing What is Right in Front of Us

had the privilege to visit the Punduhan (Stopover) ng Mga Dumagat Center in Norzagaray, Bulacan as part of the elaboration of an Eco-spirituality module that the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance is developing. The module is based on the practices of the Dumagat, a tribal group that lives in the Sierra Madre mountain ranges in the island of Luzon, Philippines. I went with the organization with a concrete program in mind -- to conduct a workshop with the indigenous group with a view of drafting a spirituality based on the way of life of the Dumagat.


The village of Parola, Tondo is a shanty-town where the Pasig River and Manila bay waters meet. It has been five years since it was completely gutted by a huge fire.


After 10 months of language studies and cultural exposure, I was finally sent on a mission assignment at Christ the King parish, Ba, in the western side of Fiji on August 4, 2018. The parish is located in the middle of the town, surrounded by the school, market, and other establishments.

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