The Art of Listening The Art of Listening

As we settle into 2023, we continue to devote ourselves to authentic interactions that bring out the best and, sometimes, the worst in us. As I journey into my seventh year of Columban formation, I share with you my reflection on the "Art of Listening."

Blessings and the Beatitudes Blessings and the Beatitudes

Everyone wants to have a comfortable life, don’t we? But difficulties and adversities mold us to be strong and better Christians. They are a form of blessing one way or another.

SYNOD ON SYNODALITY: We do not copy, we create SYNOD ON SYNODALITY: We do not copy, we create

"In reflecting together on the journey that has been made so far, we realize that another person’s experiences and perspectives, guided by the Holy Spirit according to the Preparatory Document, is at the service of the synodal journey. "

Amplifiers of God's Word and Love Amplifiers of God's Word and Love

" As servers and ministers, we encourage them to realize that participating in ongoing faith formation is important not only to be better in their ministries but also in nourishing their spirituality. I feel blessed and inspired to witness their growing faith and dedication while serving in the church and the community."

An Unequal World An Unequal World

World Mental Health Day commemorates the strength of those who are suffering from mental health issues and other forms of inequality. Let us live by Mahatma Gandhi’s aphorism: “To live simply so others may simply live.”

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