The Joy of Volunteering The Joy of Volunteering

Voicing my opinion and being listened to is important to me. At the end of my stay at the border, I am grateful for so many people, Columbans, religious, friends, and others who have been part of this wonderful journey.

Interconnecting the Dots Interconnecting the Dots

In retrospect, it’s a grace-filled moment to see dots from random moments and be capable of making connections. It’s like seeing in your mind how an unfinished tapestry would look like once finished. This is how I attempt to highlight the notable Columban imprints in my journey.

REMEMBERING Pilar Tilos By Liam O’Callaghan, SSC REMEMBERING Pilar Tilos By Liam O’Callaghan, SSC

As we remember her on the 27th anniversary of her death, may her life and ministry remind us that we are called to be messengers of peace, joy and healing. If we reach out to others, we can break down barriers and taboos and bring about harmony and understanding.

The Art of Listening The Art of Listening

As we settle into 2023, we continue to devote ourselves to authentic interactions that bring out the best and, sometimes, the worst in us. As I journey into my seventh year of Columban formation, I share with you my reflection on the "Art of Listening."

Blessings and the Beatitudes Blessings and the Beatitudes

Everyone wants to have a comfortable life, don’t we? But difficulties and adversities mold us to be strong and better Christians. They are a form of blessing one way or another.

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