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A Woman of Faith A Woman of Faith

It was during my stay with Nanay Andring’s family that I became fluent with the Visayan language and learned more about the Filipino culture.

Love Will See Us Through Love Will See Us Through

As the weeks and months passed by, I found myself asking the universe when I can see my husband and daughter, and hug my twin boys again. It was a painfully sad time.

The Day I Met Her The Day I Met Her

Perhaps that was the scenario when the lepers were asking Jesus to heal them. They must have been in pain, crying for help like her. And perhaps the only free medication for them was to turn to Jesus in faith.

Covid-19 Reflections: Call for a Change of Heart Covid-19 Reflections: Call for a Change of Heart

Lockdown kicked off in Karachi, Pakistan on March 23,  two weeks before the end of our Urdu language classes. The whole area where we were was in total silence which was very unusual. We don’t get this kind of silence during ordinary days.

Thy Will Be Done Thy Will Be Done

“It is hard to acknowledge and accept yourself for who you truly are but as I learned to let go of my ego and pride, it was very liberating.“

CLM Celebrating 30 Years of Mission CLM Celebrating 30 Years of Mission

A virtual Eucharistic celebration was held on October 6, 2020 to commemorate this milestone and celebrate the blessings and gifts received and the challenges encountered along the journey.

Covid-19 Reflection: Just Believe and Keep Going Covid-19 Reflection: Just Believe and Keep Going

One of my favorite Mandarin phrases is 加油 (jiā yóu). The first character ‘加’ (jiā) means "add" and the second character ‘油’ (yóu) means "oil”. 加油 means "to add oil" or “refuel”. In Taiwan, you will see the sign, ‘加油’ in gasoline stations but 加油 is also an expression of encouragement and support such as "Go!"; "Come on!" and “Keep it up!".

COVID 19 Reflections COVID 19 Reflections

Two first-term Columban Lay Missionaries arrived in the Philippines last February 22, 2020. On February 27, they traveled to Davao City to begin their six months of full-time language studies (Binisaya). On March 11, the World Health Organization had declared COVID-19 a pandemic. On March 15, a modified lockdown had been declared in the different provinces of the country. Barely four months in the Philippines, Latai and Mereani share how they are coping with all the uncertainties.

Through My Lens Through My Lens

"Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry..." -Pope Francis