Covid-19 Reflection: Just Believe and Keep Going

One of my favorite Mandarin phrases is 加油 (jiā yóu). The first character ‘加’ (jiā) means "add" and the second character ‘油’ (yóu) means "oil”. 加油 means "to add oil" or “refuel”. In Taiwan, you will see the sign, ‘加油’ in gasoline stations but 加油 is also an expression of encouragement and support such as "Go!"; "Come on!" and “Keep it up!".
Just Believe and Keep Going
By Marea Lyn Almiranez 

When the coronavirus began to spread in Taiwan, the first thing I witnessed was the panic buying of face masks, alcohol sanitizers, and toilet paper that caused shortages in many stores. Shortly after, other activities including masses were postponed or canceled, particularly in Hsinchu City where I live. I felt sad and worried. I felt that the coronavirus was a serious public health concern. I asked God in prayer how the faith of Catholic migrants and immigrants would be nourished without the sacraments, particularly the Sacrament of the Eucharist and Confession. At the same time, we won’t be able to receive the Body of Christ. Most of the time, I stayed in my apartment due to the restrictions. Every time I ventured outside the apartment, I became more aware of the things I touch, the places I go and the people I encounter. I’m always wearing a face mask and carrying hand sanitizer with me for protection. I feel uncomfortable doing these things as I'm not used to it but, I have to in order to protect myself and others from the virus.