Channel of Blessings Channel of Blessings

"God has blessed us with good and generous people. Their goodness and generosity have enabled us to help meet the needs of others. Meeting the needs of others can be translated as being a channel of God’s blessings. This is what our Columban Mission Promotion team does.  And we do this for the glory of God."

Commitment and Mission Commitment and Mission

"No matter how simple the work may be, being a mission partner is a calling and a vocation. God does not look on the complexity of the mission anyways, but on the manner we respond to it."

Give Us Our Daily Bread Give Us Our Daily Bread

"After hearing word that a lot of people within our community were losing jobs and going hungry, one of our parishioners wanted to start an 'Olla Comun' or soup kitchen, to help feed families who couldn’t afford to buy food."


As I reflected on the generosity of our Columban mission partners, I remembered the acts of kindness of two women I met during a pilgrimage walk that the Columban students made in 2012.

An Encounter of the Hidden Treasure in the Field An Encounter of the Hidden Treasure in the Field

"If Christ is the center of our lives especially in our mission, we are able to find the hidden treasures in the field. It is only through the eyes of God that we are able to seek and find the lost."

Be the Change Be the Change

"COVID-19 is changing the way we live and teaching us to adopt a new mindset and set of behaviors. It’s inviting us to be creative and resourceful, and to think outside the box in order to survive."

Doing God's Mission Has No Age Doing God's Mission Has No Age

As a staff member of the Columban Lay Missionaries (CLM), I have heard many of these stories, some of difficulty and danger, some heartbreaking, and others of disappointment. However, these stories are outweighed by stories of hope, inspiration, joy, gratitude and love.

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