Mission Promotion Update

From June 2020 until now, we have been organizing a virtual monthly recollection with the objective of staying in touch with our partners and benefactors and being able to listen to their experiences.


Gratefulness in Times of Uncertainties

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By: Eve Sabate, Mission Promotion Animator-Luzon

Starting in March 2020, those of us in the Singalong House have been staying under a general lockdown status.  We, the Mission Promotion Team-Luzon, could not do anything except maintain contact with our mission partners via instant and online messaging. Despite our limitations, we thought of doing something with our mission partners and benefactors.


From June 2020 until now, we have been organizing a virtual monthly recollection with the objective of staying in touch with our partners and benefactors and being able to listen to their experiences.  Through this activity, we are able to provide moral support & prayers to them as they combat depression & loneliness. It serves as a forum where they can express themselves and share their personal problems.


We are sincerely grateful to our Columban priests who have already shared their precious time with us despite being in a different time zone, such as Frs. Erl Tabaco in Peru, Louie Ybañez in Pakistan, Kurt Pala in Myanmar, and our Columban priests assigned here in the country, Jovito Dales, Andrie Paz, and Rolly Aniscal. We also appreciate the graciousness of the Lay Missionaries, Lilibeth Sabado and Arlenne Villahermosa, and the Columban seminarians who facilitated the virtual recollections.


Sending daily prayers and inspirational messages to our benefactors and mission partners is part of keeping in touch with them. We also accept mass intentions and prayer requests. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist with them once a week aside from the monthly mass after the recollection. We also do virtual masses for their family members who died because of COVID-19 and other illnesses.


Occasionally, we go out to pick up donations from our mission partners and individual benefactors, as well as the alkansya from our partner establishments. Of course, we follow the strict protocols in the house so as not to bring the COVID-19 virus into our community


Once the pandemic is over, we will resume our mission promotion work in person, such as visiting our mission partners and benefactors in their houses and doing mission appeal in parishes and other institutions. We cannot do this at the moment, while only about 19 million people of the population are fully vaccinated and 23 million people have yet to receive their second dose. Moreover, only limited persons are allowed in the Church, classes are still conducted online, and most establishments continue to suffer losses or have definitively closed down.  


 Recollection 1

Fr. Louie Ybañez on the topic, “Care for our common home”

Recollection 2

                                                                                              Fr. Jovito Dales on the topic, “Jesus waiting to enter”

Recollection 3

Fr. Kurt Pala on the topic, “How COVID-19 affect our lives”


Recollection 4

Celebrating the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Rolly Aniscal

Mission in the New Normal 


by:  Bernie Durangparang, Mission Promotion Animator-Mindanao


The Philippines is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly 2 years now. Still, different parts of the country remain in lockdowns.  Many businesses collapsed, leading to an increased rate of unemployment. Our movements continue to be limited and even more so, for the seniors and children. This affects our work in promoting mission. We are unable to conduct face to face activities such as monthly recollections and mission reflections with our mission partners which they have always looked forward to.

Thankfully, online platforms allow us to have virtual recollections in the new normal. It is unfortunate, however, that not all of our active mission partners before the pandemic are able to join the online recollection for various reasons. Some have limited or no access to the internet. Some of them do not own the right gadgets, while others do not know how to use the internet at all. Those who can attend found the activity helpful despite the limitations. Their positive feedback has been very uplifting, and it is personally heartwarming for me to hear how the Columbans have been able to extend spiritual support to them amidst these trying times.

Sending morning prayers regularly to our mission partners is something they also greatly appreciate. They are happy that we are always willing to offer prayers when they have prayer requests for themselves and their loved ones.

I am forever thankful to our mission partners who continually offer both their spiritual and financial support to the Columban Mission despite the tough times we are facing. I am also thankful to the Columban priests and Lay Missionaries who always make themselves available every time I need help in facilitating these recollections. All of us, especially our mission partners, are constantly praying for this pandemic to endfor it has already costed many lives: those we know, our friends and their own loved ones.

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Recollection on "Kung Mahubas na ang Tabay"