"See God everywhere and we will have a deeper and deeper faith in him. See him in sunrise and sunset, in mountain brooks and in the mighty ocean, in storm clouds and rainbows, in flood and dryness. Every experience in our surroundings has an impact on our lives."

The Fighting Women of Ukraine The Fighting Women of Ukraine

The greatest weakness of a portion of the male population of the human race is underestimating and refusing to acknowledge the power, influence, and importance of women in shaping and guiding society.

A Meal that Comforts People A Meal that Comforts People

Soup Kitchen is one of the long-term social service development ministry programs of the Malate parish. But due to the viral outbreak and the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine by the government, we had no choice but to stop the program.

The Deaf Ministry during the Pandemic The Deaf Ministry during the Pandemic

During this pandemic, the deaf people are more isolated from the rest of the world. They only become aware with what is happening locally and globally through visual media, from the TV or the internet. Even then, the information interpreted for them has its limits.

With Joy and Gratitude With Joy and Gratitude

Beth is a Columban lay missionary who finished her term as CLM Regional Coordinator last December 12, 2021. She is now preparing for her well-deserved sabbatical

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