I Am All Yours by Marea Lyn Almirañez I Am All Yours by Marea Lyn Almirañez

"The LOM Handbook states that the Spiritual Director/ directress is a priest, deacon, religious sister or brother. Because of this, I, being a lay missionary felt undeserving to be the Spiritual directress."

Synodality in Mission Synodality in Mission

Synodality also calls us to address clericalism and exclusion in the Church. From what I have witnessed and learned in my ministry about confronting stigma and discrimination, behavioral and attitudinal changes are just as critical as finding a cure that would end HIV and the realities brought about by this illness.


Last March 14, 2022, Monday, the Higaonons performed the annual Pamulalakaw, a solemn ceremony that involves the ritual slaughter and offerings of chickens and goats to Magbabaya (Creator God) and to the Holy Spirits that live in the Cagayan de Oro River.

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