From the Director



As we reflect on our shared mission and the path forward for the Missionary Society of St. Columban, we find ourselves with new challenges that require a thoughtful consideration and planning as we navigate through shifting landscapes of becoming a smaller missionary group and of the call to mission in the modern world. Our Columban Mission, with its rich history and profound commitment to spreading the Gospel message, working with communities in need and caring for God’s creation, is called to embrace change, to adapt, and to be reborn in our mission.


While the necessary changes present us with challenges, they also offer us opportunity to re-envision how we carry out our mission in the years to come and to acknowledge the work of God’s spirit showing us the way, giving us hope and prodding us to the blessings we have. We are called to recognize the invaluable contributions of our mission partners, who have been walking alongside us in our journey of faith and service. Together, we can join the collective wisdom, passion, and talents of our entire community to continue the Columban mission in new and innovative ways.


In this spirit of renewal and transformation, let us embrace the opportunities that lie before us. Let us commit ourselves to fostering a culture of collaboration, openness, and inclusivity within our Columban Missionary Society and Family, where each one is valued for his/her unique gifts and insights. Let us also remain rooted in prayer, drawing strength and guidance from our faith as we discern our way forward.


As we embark on this journey of renewal, let us embrace this moment as an opportunity to renew our commitment to our mission. The essence of our impact lies not in the size of our missionary group, but rather in our unwavering dedication and faithfulness to the call of Christ. With faith as our compass and love as our guiding light, may we continue to be faithful stewards of the Gospel, bearing witness to the transformative power of God’s love in the world.




Fr. Leo Distor, SSC