The Formation Program of the Columbans  is  meticulously designed to focus on the individual journey of young Catholic men aspiring to become Columban missionary priests. It is a period of intense and supervised training where seminarians undergo a transformative process towards maturity. This preparation includes formal studies, modular courses, apostolate, immersion with the different Columban ministries, community living, mission assignment in a different culture for their first mission assignment. This journey demands patience, hard work, dedication, humility, and openness.  The program integrates Columban missionary spirituality into their lives while engaging in various activities within a specific time-frame, typically spanning about eight years. However, some may take longer due to circumstances. Completion of the program includes full membership to the Society, ordination to the diaconate, and eventual priesthood. 
Spiritual Year Program on Visual Art
Immersion on social and ecological issues
Formation Community
Immersion with the Subanen Ministry in Ozamiz
Formal studies at Loyola School of Theology
First Aggregation