A Time in History (March 27-31)

March 27


FR. PATRICK DUGGAN was born in Mayo Abbey, County Mayo, Ireland in 1926. He died in Dalgan on March 27, 1999 after a long illness. Having studied at St. Joseph’s, Ballinasloe and at St. Columban’s, Navan, Father Paddy, as he was fondly called, was ordained priest on December 21, 1950 and appointed to the Philippines. All his life on mission was spent in the Diocese of Iba with the exception of some few years in the early 1970’s spent in the USA. He was a committed activist in the Charismatic Movement. Ill-health forced him to retire to Ireland in 1993 and he spent his remaining years in Dalgan, where he is buried. 


March 28


FR. JOHN J. BRAZIL was born in Dublin in 1935. He died in Limerick, Ireland on March 28, 1980. Father  John was educated at St. James’ Christian Brothers School, Dublin. Having spent some years in the business world he came to Dalgan in 1962. After his ordination in 1969 he was assigned to the Philippines and worked in Negros until 1977. Then he went to Rome to do post-graduate studies in theology. Having received his degree, he came to Ireland on vacation before returning to his mission in the Philippines. His untimely death occurred during that visit. John is buried at Dalgan.


March 29










 FR. FRANCIS CHAPMAN was born at Fremantle, Western Australia, in 1913. He died at Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, on March 29, 2004 and is buried there. Having completed his primary and secondary education in Fremantle, Australia Father Frank studied philosophy at Essendon and theology in the Old Dalgan where he was ordained in 1937. He was a member of the original group assigned to Mindanao in 1938 and was leader of the pioneering group to Negros in1950. During his term as Director of the Australia/New Zealand Region [1955-‘65] the Turramurra seminary was built, where he briefly held the position of Spiritual Director.  On the death of Fr. Kevin O’Doherty (’40), Father Frank was appointed to replace him at Central Administration [1966-‘70]. Returning to Mindanao, “he was an indefatigable worker…, unsparing of himself, ready to move forward to new mission challenges and opportunities.”



Frs. Frank Chapman and Gordon Jackson

March 30


FR. HUGH O’REILLY was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1914. He died suddenly at the Bon Secours Hospital, Dublin, on March 30, 1983. Father Hugh was educated by the Christian Brothers, Synge Street, Dublin, before he came to Dalgan in 1931. He was ordained priest in 1937 and appointed to the Philippines where he was pastor in Morong, Rizal during the difficult and dangerous war years [1941-45]. Later he worked in Malate Parish and was pastor at St. Joseph’s, Olongapo, Zambales. In 1966 he was appointed to Ireland where he did promotion work. From 1974 until the time of his death he was on the office staff at St. Columban’s, Navan. Father Hugh is buried at Dalgan.











FR. TERRY (TRAOLACH) TWOHIG was born in Donnycarney, Dublin, Ireland on April 16, 1938. He was ordained on December 21, 1962. In 1963 he was assigned to Mindanao, working in Dumalinao, Kapatagan, Kolambugan, Kiwalan and Iligan before joining the Prelature of Marawi in 1979. He became pastor of Malabang and then Karomatan (now Sultan Naga Dimaporo). In early 1986 he went to live in a Muslim barrio together with a Filipina Carmelite Sister and a lay leader. After local elections in 1988 the Maranao Dimaporo clan began to force the Iranuns out of Karomatan. Sheik Maguid Marohum described how ‘Unbelievably, you (Father Terry) sided with us and spoke for our rights where no pious Muslim has ever dared.’ His experience led him to do Islamic Studies in Birmingham in 1989. In 1994 he was assigned to Ballymun, Dublin. Failing health forced him to the Dalgan Nursing Home in 2004. After a long illness he died there on March 30, 2016. Fr. Terry is buried in Dalgan.