By Mosese Wasai Mitchell Yacalevu
In this present time, as  I sit to write  a few words of reflection, I find myself surrounded by  extreme heat and humidity. The once abundant wells and streams are drying up, leaving water sources scarce. The grasses are turning pale, and the forest cover are diminishing. People resort to desperate ways to obtain water for washing, bathing, and cleaning. Even a trip to the nearest river comes with a cost, yet everyone is willing to sacrifice to avail themselves of a cold drink of water to soothe their tired bodies from the morning work.
People in this part of the world long for water, while in other parts of the world, heavy rain and floods wreck havoc across cities, towns and villages. Is it too late to reverse this Climate Crisis? This is a question all environmental advocates have at the back of their minds as we move forward. For me, all I can do is hope and contribute to the causes my heart believe in. I believe that God works in mysterious ways and I trust that through time, better days will come. Until then, all I can do is trust in the process that binds us together as one family of God’s creation.
As I end this reflection, may I invite you all my dear friends in Christ to be open to the spirit of tree growing.   Be a tree lover and help create a forest cover that will cool down our Mother Earth, now and forever. Amen.
Mosese, originally from Fiji, is a Columban student. He is currently doing his First Mission Assignment in Mindanao.