The Creation Mandala Song

By Fr Vinnie Busch, SSC
The Birth of the Universe

In the beginning the Spirit sang:

“My Love’s ablaze and from its warmth

Let all creation come flaring forth.

Let matter and energy converse

And sing the hymn of the Universe,

And through the course of time and space

I’ll cherish all in my embrace.”

The Birth of the Galaxies

Then the Spirit sang:

Let Creation begin to dance

In cooling clouds of elements

Where the tug of gravity

Draws atoms into galaxies,

And hugs the stars till they ignite

To fill the darkness with their light.”

The Birth of the Solar System

Then the Spirit sang:

“Let stars blaze till they consume

The nuclear fire in their wombs,

And bursting forth as they collapse

Sow the elements in their grasp,

And from their dust let new stars grow

With moons and planets in their tow.”

The Birth of the Earth

Then the Spirit sang:

“Along with planets near and far

Let Earth take shape around its star.

While its crust solidifies,

Let molten rock throb inside,

Lifting the mountains, spreading the seas,

Molding and folding its geography.”

The Birth of Life

Then the Spirit sang:

“Let Earth and Sun warm the seas

To animate its chemistry,

And from that swirling pool of genes

Let Earth give birth to living beings,

Sprouting forth all kinds of things

With roots and legs, fins and wings.”

The Birth of the Earth Community

Then the Spirit sang:

“From desert sand to mountain snow

Let habitats emerge and grow

Where plants and beasts participate

In nature’s rugged give and take

And every creature plays a role

In keeping Earth alive and whole.”

The Birth of Humans

Then the Spirit sang:

“Let the glory of nature’s chorus,

Its raging storms and mighty forests,

Its pounding seas and soaring peaks,

Its blazing skies and teeming reefs,

Touch human hearts with its splendor

And forge their souls in awe and wonder.”

The Birth of the Ecological Age

Then the Spirit sang:

“Let life entwine the land and sea

In the web of its community

Where humans keep in good repair

The habitats all creatures share

And sing with every leaf and stone

‘This is our Earth, our sacred home’.”

The Birth of Your Story

And then the Spirit sang:

“The habitats that grace the Earth

Were there to hold you at your birth,

May they guide your life and journey,

And weave your voice into the story

Of my love which grew to be

A wondrous blue-green symphony.”