A Time in History (November 4-11)

November 1929: Fr. Edward Galvin, co-founder of the Missionary Society of St. Columban, visited Manila for the 1929 Congress


November 1929: Fr. Edward Galvin, co-founder of the Missionary Society of St. Columban, visited Manila for the 1929 Congress


 November 4


FR. JAMES D. CORRIGAN was born at Ballygawley, County Tyrone, Ireland, in 1912. He died unexpectedly in Ozamis, Philippines, on November 4, 1981.  He was ordained priest in Dalgan, Ireland in 1937 and assigned to the Philippines. For the next forty years he worked in the island of Mindanao during which time he occupied various roles including those of bursar and vice-pro-Director.  Father Jim is buried at Lopez Jaena, Mindanao.



FR. ARTHUR PRICE was born in 1912 in Auckland, New Zealand.  He died of pneumonia on November 4, 1996 at St. Columban’s, Singalong, Manila. He entered St. Columban’s, Essendon, Australia, in 1929. He did theology in Dalgan, Galway, and was ordained priest there on December 21, 1935. Appointed to the Philippines in 1936, he spent almost sixty years working in the Luzon area. In 1944, Father Arthur was interned by Japanese troops in Los Baños Camp. He and his Columban confreres were liberated by U.S. parachutists and local guerrillas in February 1945. He did a stint [1948-50] on promotion work in Australia and New Zealand. In 1975 he became chaplain to Manila Doctors’ Hospital. Father Arthur is buried at Manila Memorial Park.


price tanay

Fr. Arthur Price in Tanay, Rizal


November 8


FR. PAUL RICHARDSON was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts, USA on March 5, 1929. He attended public schools before entering Silver Creek in 1945. He continued his studies in Bristol, Omaha and Milton and was ordained by Archbishop Richard Cushing in the new Milton Seminary Chapel on December 18, 1954. Assigned to the Philippines in 1955, he spent nearly 50 years ministering in various parishes in Negros, especially Binalbagan, Kabankalan, Himamaylan and Sipalay. In Kabankalan, he acted as chaplain and teacher in the local college. His concern for the poor inspired Father Paul to start cooperatives, pig dispersal and fishing projects in several of his assignments, and to be included in an army hit list in the Marcos era.  1963 saw him in Manila as assistant regional bursar. In 1986 he became socius for the Columban students in Cebu. When ill health precluded a parish assignment, Father Paul lived at the Columban Central house in Negros working with poor fishermen, starting a Grameen Bank and a pig cooperative. He was a familiar sight walking the beach early in the morning taking pictures, talking with the neighbours, and having his coffee at one of the local sari-sari stores. Father Paul frequently published these encounters with stories in the Columban Mission magazine. The photos he supplied to illustrate his stories often won prizes and decorated the walls of the Bristol retirement home where he moved in 2002.  Father Paul will be remembered as a talented man who, through his quiet and gentle way, touched the lives of many. He died on November 8, 2013. His funeral took place at the Bristol retirement home and the interment was in the cemetery attached to St Mary’s Church, Bristol, Rhode Island, USA.